The Original Rainbow Ice Cream Cone

Visit us during The Minnesota State Fair, August 22nd through Labor Day, September 2nd.

Rainbow Ice Cream has been a Minnesota State Fair tradition since 1930. Our blend of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavored ice cream is swirled in a colorful mix and served in a waffle or cake cone. Rainbow Ice Cream has been specially made just for the Minnesota State Fair. If chocolate is your treat then try the Rainbow Chocolate ice cream, a blend of dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate with chocolate shavings.

Back by popular demand in 2013, our Bacon Ice Cream…candied & cooked bacon, in a delicious maple base. Our team of researchers has been on the hunt to find the perfect combination of sweet, savory and salty. After stumbling on the idea of combining our favorite foods, bacon and ice cream, we have spent months perfecting the recipe. Our deliciously smooth ice cream, with a touch of maple flavor, is perfectly blended with cooked and candied bacon and served in a waffle bowl. You can find bacon ice cream at the Rainbow Ice Cream stands located near the entrance to the Midway, on the west side of Kiddie Land, at the intersection of Dan Patch and Underwood and underneath the Grandstand Ramp.

All film shot on 16mm film by Ruth Davis. Film was transferred to video and re-edited for www.rainbowicecream.net